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Bull-It Phantom CE-Level 2 Armour
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Phantom CE-Level 2 Armour

The Covec Impact division’s “Phantom” protector for use in Hip, Knee, Elbow and shoulder.

The Phantom armour is the next step in impact protector design. Using Nano damping technology, this armour achieves CE Level 2 protection throughout the armour and at only 7mm thick the Phantom is one of the slimmest armours on the market. The Phantom is also made of very flexible, lightweight materials allowing the armour to mould around the body for a perfect fit.


We really cannot emphasize how impressed we are with this armour. This is the thinnest and most flexible armour we have ever seen, it almost defies belief that this item is CE-level 2 rated.

This is a great option to upgrade not only the safety but also the comfort of your armour.

These protectors are supplied in pairs.