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Chatterbox Bluetooth kit

Product Description

The Oxford Chatterbox original communicator
Rider to Rider intercom with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Oxford Chatterbox can enable communication between a rider and their pillion or between riders within a 100 yard (91.44M) range.

To enable Rider to Rider communication two units must be purchased and the units paired to one another before use.

The chatterbox can also be paired to a Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone, MP3 Player or Sat Nav.

Multiple devices can be paired to the Chatterbox but only two devices can be paired simultaneously.

Once a smartphone is paired to the Chatterbox you can listen to music using your playlist and take calls on the move. The Chatterbox control buttons can be used to pause, play, Skip track, reverse track, adjust volume, answer, reject and end calls. It is also possible to answer calls automatically.

Can be recharged using a USB device such as a laptop or PC, wall socket or Oxford EL111 bike charger.

Technical Specification

  • Intercom range 100 yards (328 feet, 91.44M)
  • Maximum speed of operation 70 mph (120km/h)
  • Power supply pack Poly-Li, 500 mAh rechargeable
  • Current drain transmitter (1W) ;< 1000mA
  • Battery life for intercom 8 hours talk time, 200 hours standby time
  • Battery life for Bluetooth devices 9 hours talk time on phone, 10 hours of music
  • Operating temperature -20?C and 60?C
  • Dimensions 36 x 75 x 20mm
  • Weight 2 Oz (56 grams) with battery


Pack Contents


  • Oxford Chatterbox Unit
  • Headset including two speakers M
  • Microphone for full face helmets
  • Microphone for open face helmets
  • USB charging cable and AC adapter