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Yamaha Billet Foot Pedals Adjuster Kit MT-09
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Billet Foot Pedals Adjuster Kit MT-09

Product Description

Kit that enables to alter the position of original MT-09 foot pedals.

  • Foot pegs, rear brake pedal and gear shift pedal positions are fully adjustable
  • Provides best foot pegs position by rotary adjuster
  • Adjusts foot pegs into 24 positions
  • Provides best rear brake pedal position by excenter
  • Provide best gear shift pedal position by excenter
  • No free play thanks to bearing journals during light and extra smooth operation of rear brake and gear shift pedal
  • Dedicated and high quality design by gilles.tooling enforces the MT-09 looks
  • Features MT-09 and Gilles.Tooling logos