Ducati Warm Up Thermal Long Sleeve T-shirt

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Ducati Warm Up Thermal T-shirt

The long-sleeved Warm Up T-shirt is made with Dryarn®, an innovative light filament that is both insulating and breathable. The fibers used guarantee thermal insulation against the outside, absorbing humidity and sweat before they come into contact with the skin. The seamless technology used in production reduces friction from the stitching and guarantees an excellent fit without restricting freedom of movement. In perfect Ducati style, it can be worn under a technical jacket or on its own, visible to all once you get off your bike.

This under garments is made with low absorbtion Dryarn fabric to help keep the sweat off your body and help it dry out quicker than an ordinary T-shirt and keep you warm. Reinforced areas specifically desgned for motorcycle use with hidden flat zipper in the neck/shoulder zone. Doesn't charge with static electricity making it a lot more comfortable aswell as the elasticized fabric.

Crease resistant, NO allergic reactions, self extinguishing. With mesh areas to optimise transpiration in the case of excessive heat during performance designed not so absorb and hold any water, humidy or perspiration to help maintain the body's natural temperature.

This garment does not have built in armour. to be used with other garments with armour