Tue, 07 Jan 2020

Steve Rockingham - Blade Motorcycles Abingdon

Dear Pete,
What can I say,  awesome! For once in January the weather was kind enough to let me out on the lovely 1299 Panigale over the weekend and I can only say everything you said about the bike is true, what an incredible piece of kit. I took it to the Bicester Heritage meeting which was a good ride and I am just amazed how many people want to look at and talk about the bike, incredible. I told them all where to buy one! Never had anything like that with the blade. It rained slightly on the way there so I tried the wet mode and that is very impressive, no drama and it feels so planted. Its crazy quick but also quite happy pottering along at 60, not that I did much of that! Gearshift is amazing, had a couple of false neutrals but could have been me not being positive enough.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, Simon, James and the team for all your help with the purchase, it genuinely was a pleasure buying it from you. James is kindly sorting out some nice new leathers too J
One tiny thing, while I was making it immaculate again yesterday afternoon after it got a bit wet I noticed a bolt missing from the side cover, see photo attached. I assume it is the same as the other ones which are Torx heads and quite small, possibly a T15 or20. If you had one (and a washer I guess) any chance of putting one in the post when you have a moment with the mot.
Still pondering on the number plate, I have a spare, SRR 3X or how about RRZ 1299!
Keep up the good work,
All the best to you and the team,