New Suzuki GSX-S1000GX

POSTED: 15/11/2023


New Suzuki GSX-S1000GX

Suzuki has pulled the covers off two more new models for 2024, with the reveal of a new GSX-S1000GX crossover and GSX-8R middleweight sportsbike today at Eicma, in Milan, Italy. 

With the GSX-S1000GX Suzuki steps into a new segment for the first time, offering a new sports crossover machine with a comprehensive suite of electronics. 
Electronic suspension from Showa tops a spec sheet that also includes IMU-governed ABS and other braking systems, anti-wheelie, a new Roll Torque Control system, traction control, cruise control, selectable power modes, a bi-directional quickshifter and smartphone connectivity, accessed via a 6.5” colour TFT screen.
A 999cc inline four-cylinder delivers an abundance of power and torque throughout the rev range, peaking at 152PS and 106 Nm.
With an OTR price of £14,499, first customers can have their bikes by Christmas.

New Suzuki GSX-S1000GX

New Suzuki GSX-S1000GX

With a design and product concept of the ultimate sports crossover, the GSX-S1000GX is set to become the benchmark in the category, as Suzuki moves into the crossover sector of the market for the first time.

It boasts Suzuki’s most sophisticated electronics package to date, with a number of new and innovative systems enabled by a six-axis Bosch IMU and electronic suspension from Showa. 

The GSX-S1000GX is the first Suzuki to adopt Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES). The GX gets 150mm front and rear suspension travel to create an upright riding position, broadening the rider’s field of view and providing all-day riding comfort. The longer suspension travel also helps the GX smooth out bumps when riding over uneven surfaces.

There are four selectable modes of SAES: hard, medium, soft, and a customisable user setting which offers +/- three increments on the selected base setting of hard, medium, or soft.  

Further helping smooth out those bumps and undulations is Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilisation (SRAS). An original Suzuki system, in use for the first time on the new GX, it detects uneven road surfaces based on input from the IMU and wheel speed sensors, and, if required, triggers the Suzuki Floating Ride Control (SFRC) to help smooth out the ride. As part of the SFRC it also adjusts the electronic throttle valve settings to deliver softer, more controllable throttle response. 

The rear suspension’s spring preload settings are also electronically controlled, making it easy for a rider to use a handlebar switch to quickly choose between auto or one of the four available modes they find best suited to their immediate needs or preferences. 

Riders can select between single rider, single rider plus luggage, or tandem (with or without luggage). In addition, the preload setting for auto mode can be adjusted by +/- three increments and the three manual modes can be adjusted by +/- four increments to match the rider’s needs more finely. 

The GSX-S1000GX also uses an alpha version of the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector. SDMS-α provides three riding modes: active, basic, comfort. Those three integrated riding modes control power output characteristics, as well as the level of traction control, which, on the GX, is integrated with Lift Limiter (anti-wheelie) and Roll Torque Control, and electronic suspension settings. Riders can opt to use the default settings of many of those systems or customise them to match their needs or preferences more closely. There are seven selectable modes of traction control – integrated with Roll Torque Control and Lift Limiter – and three selectable throttle maps. 

Making its debut on the GX is Suzuki’s new Roll Torque Control. Based on data received from the IMU and wheel speed sensors, this new system calculates the bike’s lean angle and speed to predetermine what level of power output and acceleration is optimal at that time, for example, when exciting a corner. It then reduces torque output before the motorcycle exceeds the amount of power the system deems necessary to clear the corner effectively. One key benefit of this system is a smooth operation and uninterrupted drive. With regular traction control the system is reactive, cutting in when rear wheel slip is detected. This can create a jerkiness or ‘on and off’ feeling as the power comes in and out. It can also cause the rear suspension to compress and rebound. This is reduced significantly with the introduction of Roll Torque Control, as the torque ceiling is set, and then raised as the bike exits the corner and as speed increases and lean angle decreases. It is an extra layer of pre-emptive protection that operates silently in the background, with its settings determined by the level of traction control selected.

Completing the GX’s comprehensive suite of electronics is a ride-by-wire throttle, bi-directional quickshifter, cruise control – updated on the GX to allow the system to continue operating when the rider changes gear – lean angle-sensitive ABS, Slope Dependent Control, which prevents rear wheel lift when braking downhill, easy start, and low RPM assist. 

Monitoring all of the GSX-S1000GX’s electronic systems is done via a 6.5-inch colour TFT screen, which also offers smartphone connectivity, allowing riders to access maps, view contacts and make and receive phone calls, see their calendar, and play music. All this is done via the free Suzuki mySPIN app. A USB socket in the side of the instrument cluster makes for easy phone charging. 

Powering the new GSX-S1000GX is Suzuki’s creamy smooth, 999cc, inline four-cylinder, superbike-derived engine. Known for its abundance of lowdown and midrange power, it produces 152PS at 11,000rpm and 106 Nm of torque at 9,250rpm.

That engine is housed in a twin spar, aluminium frame mated to a race-proven aluminium swingarm from the GSX-R range and a lightweight subframe. 

All of that is wrapped in new, aggressive bodywork, with full LED lighting front and rear. Hand guards and a spacious luggage rack add extra practicality. Luggage capacity can be increased with genuine accessory 36-litre panniers. 

With an OTR price of £14,499, the GSX-S1000GX is available to order now From Blade Suzuki Swindon, with first customers able to take delivery in time for Christmas. It will come in Suzuki’s trademark Metallic Triton Blue, Glass Sparkle Black and a new Pearl Matt Shadow Green

GSX-S1000GX Metallic Triton Blue

Metallic Triton Blue

GSX-S1000GX Pearl Matt Shadow Green

Pearl Matt Shadow Green

GSX-S1000GX Glass Sparkle Black

Glass Sparkle Black

Styling features:

- The styling embodies the concept of Suzuki’s first luxury crossover model.

- A thoroughly modern design speaks of aggressive superbike-derived performance, blended with long-distance touring elegance and the tall, upright riding position and long-legged proportions of a crossover model.

- New front cowl features a sharp nose that culminates with a compact LED headlight, with compact LED position lights running along the sides forming a sharp pair of ‘eyes’.

- The contrasting colouring and upswept lines of the cowl’s side panels create an aggressive, yet sophisticated, look that complements the tall seating position. - Exposed side rails and gold front forks and rear suspension motor unit contrast with the blacked-out silencer and engine to emphasise the long-legged nature of the crossover design.

- The lineup of three available colours were carefully selected to convey the model’s appeal.

Engine features:

- High performance 999cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled DOHC inline four-cylinder engine delivers smooth, consistently powerful output throughout its wide power band.

- The engine’s broad, smooth torque curve and power delivery reduces fatigue when touring at motorway speeds, while also delivering powerful acceleration when desired.

- The four-into-two-into-one exhaust system is tuned to deliver powerful resonance while delivering a pleasing exhaust sound, while also satisfying Euro 5 emissions standards.

- Electronic throttle bodies help achieve optimal balance between idling speed control and power output characteristics, while also contributing to Euro 5 compliance.

- The air box reduces intake resistance and provides an exciting intake sound.

- The exhaust and intake cam profiles provide a fine balance of performance and controllability.

- Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) contributes to smooth shifting and results in a light touch to the clutch lever operation that helps reduce fatigue on long rides, especially when caught in busy traffic.

Chassis features:

- Compact, lightweight chassis is engineered to support the engine’s performance and provide maximum control and comfort.

- The twin-spar aluminium frame is built to deliver agile handling and great road holding ability that will go the distance.

- Exposed seat rails feature secure side case attachment points, and a design allows for thicker, more comfortable seats for the rider and passenger.

- The aluminium swingarm provides great road holding ability, contributes to stability in high-speed corners and features the strength to withstand heavy loads.

- Handlebars featuring a wide grip, positioned close to the rider contribute to a comfortable upright riding position.

- Attractive, six-spoke cast aluminium wheels contribute to the handling characteristics, stability, and all-round performance.

- Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport 2 radial tyres (120/70ZR17 front, 190/50ZR17 rear) are designed to perform optimally, provide sure grip in all conditions, and deliver the right combination of agility and stability.

- Four-piston Brembo monobloc front brake calipers mated to 310mm floating-mount twin discs deliver strong, reliable braking performance.

- The standard-equipment rear carrier is handy and practical for carrying extra gear, while its integrated grab bars provide the passenger with a firm grip that makes riding more comfortable.

- Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES) is paired with SHOWA SFF-CA™ inverted telescopic front forks and a BFRC-lite® link-type rear shock to deliver a plush, comfortable, and controllable ride.

- Suzuki Floating Ride Control (SFRC) improves manoeuvrability and comfort by helping to keep the seat and handlebars stable while the wheels and tyres absorb the bumps on the road.

- Measures to reduce vibration such as the floating handlebars and rubber-covered footrests contribute to a more relaxing and less tiring touring experience.

- Both the rider and pillion seats feature a new cushion construction that helps maximise comfort on long rides.

- The three-step height adjustable touring windscreen protects the rider to offer greater comfort and less fatigue on long rides.

- Standard-equipment hand guards protect the rider’s hands from the elements and give a look of tough, go-anywhere crossover touring performance.

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